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Congratulations Dr. Bhakta Rath

Congratulations Dr. Bhakta Rath!

The premier materials society, ASM International, has selected Dr. Bhakta B. Rath as the recipient of this year’s “Medal for Advancement of Research”. He is being recognized for his leadership in promoting basic research and advanced exploratory developments in multidisciplinary fields of materials science and engineering which have led to technological innovation for the commercial sector and national security. Dr. Bhakta Ratha is a past president of ASM International.

It is also noteworthy that Dr. Rath has recently founded the “Rath Research Award” at the Colorado School of Mines (Golden, CO) to recognize the Ph. D. or M. S. candidate whose thesis work has the greatest potential to impact U S society and industry. The Award comprises a certificate and cash prize.

(Reportedd by Dr. Prasan Samal)

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A few words to share with our fellow singers, musicians and aspirants

A few words to share with our fellow singers, musicians and aspirants

Share with our community singers
Share with our community singers

Oh, say can you sing…

Q: How do you prepare to sing the anthem?

A: I go over the words constantly in my mind, because the last thing I want is to be an ESPN highlight of a guy who forgot the words to the anthem. The rhyming scheme of the anthem is so strange because [it] is not even every other line. It’s every other phrase. You can get really confused quickly. And you’ve got 30,000 people who all think they know the words, and they will all know the one you miss. Read on

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